Price list for Nordic Equinox 2017


NB! There will be no option for catering for players and NPCs'! All players must provide their own meals for the event.
Drinking water is still available and all player camps have a fire pit for cooking.

NPC tickets

  • NPC's will have additional tasks before, after and during the game which they must complete.
  • NPC's will not take part in scenarios as host members, the will have role-playing related tasks (which can include fighting).
  • NPC's, like players, will not have catering and must provide their own meals.
  • NPS's may arrive a day early (Wednesday evening) and leave a day late (Monday morning) if they wish to.


  • Volunteers attend the event free of charge
  • If you would like to attend as a volunteer, please contact us by e-mail
  • Volunteers must arrive a day early (Wednesday evening) and leave a day late (Monday morning)
  • Volunteers may not be able to participate in scenarios as players or NPC's
  • Volunteers will help with setup, running and cleanup of the event, which may include roleplaying
  • Volunteers may request compensation for transportation costs
  • Volunteers will have at least 12 meals provided for them (full catering for 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday).


All ticket sales are final, we offer no refunds and no exchanges for cheaper tickets! (It is however possible to sell your ticket to another player, if you wish to. Tickets are not named nor tied to specific host. Therefore they can be passed on or resold.)

A limit of 200 player tickets into one host is set, once a host has reached that limit, the ticket sales into that host will be closed.

Ticket Available Price

"Early Bird"

sold out! 8 EUR


sold out! 12 EUR


sold out! 15 EUR


From 10.08.2017 (cash only!!) 15 EUR


sold out! 5 EUR


sold out! Free