I want to come with my group

I am new to this - I have not played larp at all or have never attended Nordic Equinox

I have done this many times - I want to register my larp group to Nordic Equinox


You are a school teacher or a youth worker and would like to bring your charges to the event; you have a club, a company or a number of friends and would like to come together?

Bringing a group to Nordic Equinox is VERY  simple and you are more than welcome.

If there is less than 5 of you, we recommend you just fill out the individual registration forms. Information about that can be found here. Don't worry, if you all register into the same host and/or into the same group you can be certain that you'll stay together on the event.

If there is more than 5 of you, filling out the forms can be tedious so its best to register with a single list. For that, please e-mail us your registration request to: info-at-ancalagon-dot-ee, and include the following information:

  • Full name of the contact person, his/her e-mail address, phone number and age
  • Full names of group members, their age and preferred character classes
  • Write down what host you would prefer as a group or if there is any other particular group you would like to work together with.

You don't have to provide a final list when you first register. You can also add names to your group later on.

Collect the participation fees from your group members and buy tickets for all of them. You can buy tickets here. The sooner you buy tickets the cheaper it will be. You can find out more about ticket prices here.

Think about costumes. Although you theoretically could attend Nordic Equinox without costumes, this is not considered a good conduct. Take it as a theme party - friends without a costume are welcome, but everyone who puts in some effort will make the event so much more enjoyable for himself and others. It is very easy and cheap to make a simple costume for the event. Instructions and ideas for that can be found ##here## (untranslated - sorry).

If you want a unique identity for your group, similar costumes are a very good idea. At this point you might as well take the time and think about your group and characters. Extensive character descriptions are not necessary but you should have at least a general idea of who or what you are playing. The choice of character is entirely up to you and it can be as simple or as complex as you like. More information about that can be found here.

Larp uses padded weapon imitations and the participants must bring their own. Building them is just as simple or even simpler than creating a costume. Read through the safety requirements for weapon imitations, that can be found in the rules here - it is VERY important that you read them carefully BEFORE you start building your weapons. If this is your first game, we strongly recommend that you build just simple swords, instructions for that can be found here (once again untranslated - sorry). We recommend that you build a bit more weapons than you need and also bring along equipment and materials for on-the-spot changes or repairs.

Make sure you and all your group members have familiarized themselves with the game rules (found here) and house rules (found here). The game rules govern how the weapon imitations should be used and how the game is to be played. Knowing the game rules is a a necessity for playing. The house rules govern the overall conduct on the game area and they also apply during downtimes when the game is not played. Knowing the house rules and following them is a prerequisite for attending the event!

Organize the transportation for your group and equipment, to the game area. Information about the location, together with directions on how to get there, can be found  here. Information about the conditions on the game area, as well as suggestions for packing, can be found here.

Once all your plans are made, and participation fees paid, just show up on time. Check-in time will be in the event timetable, that can be found here. Please, do not be late!

If you have players who are under 16 years old, in your group, they will need a written and signed parental agreement to come to the event. The form for the parental agreement can be found here. The parental agreement is not necessary if the parent is also attending the event.


If you have any questions or problems at all, don't hesitate to contact us at: info-at-ancalagon-dot-ee


This concludes the basic information you must know to bring your group to Nordic Equinox. The section following below is for experienced groups for whom larp is the main hobby. If you want to know more, feel free to browse this web page.


You are the leader of a role playing organization and want to add your gaming group to Nordic Equinox group selection?!

You have to register at least 5 members in your group besides you. You can add more names in the registration form if you like. Once the group has been approved by Game Masters, players can be registered into it through single player registration forms or lists sent by you.

You have to have a common flag, with recognizable heraldic devices (it can be as simple or as complex as you can or want to make). In addition you will have to have a digital file of this graphics (either a photo, a drawing or just a symbol).

If you have all of this, fill out the group registration form here.

As for the rest - everything written in the beginning of this section also applies to you.