To join Nordic Equinox you will have to:

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Quick links - for experienced players


1. Pick a host to fight/play for

There are two hosts, light and darkness who are fighting each other. Every player may freely choose which host to join. Your costume and character will depend from this choice. You can read more about the hosts and creating your character here.

If you can't decide you can also choose the so called "Mercenaries". This is a group of players who will fight for either light or darkness according to the instructions from the event organizers.

The hosts are led by players themselves. Usually a experienced fighter/commander, who is also a leader of a bigger group within a host, is chosen as the host leader. In addition to choosing a host you can also choose a group to cooperate with. Choosing a group is not mandatory, you are perfectly fine as a solo player as well. The list of groups is here.

If you do not want to fight but want purely to roleplay, you must still choose a host to align your character with (or pick mercs if it's neither). In case of a non-combatant char, character registration and a good character description is very important.


2. Register to the event

Fill out the registration form here.

In addition to your personal information (please verify that the information is correct), you must specify your choice of host and character. By now you should have a pretty good idea which host you will want to join and which group (if any) you will play with.

Your character description can be as short or long as you want it to be. Longer character descriptions (over 300 words) should be e-mailed to us directly: info-at-ancalagon-dot-ee. If you e-mail us your character description, just note "Will send with e-mail" into the character description box on the registration form. Please do not forget to include your real name in the e-mail.


3. Buy a ticket for yourself

You can buy tickets here. The sooner you buy tickets the cheaper it will be, you can find out more about ticket prices here. If you do buy tickets, make SURE that you give a valid e-mail address. Tickets will be sent electronically and you will have to print out yours yourself.


4. Prepare the costume and weapons

The costume can be as simple or complicated as you are able to make or obtain. You can also try and borrow your costume from someone else (if you know someone who does play larp). Building a simple costume on your own isn't hard at all, even if you have never sewn before. You can find instructions (untranslated - sorry) ##here##.

When bringing your own weapons, or buying them, make sure they conform with the safety standards of Nordic Equinox. Sadly a lot of the commercially sold weapons are too heavy (for their size) and will not pass weapon check on the event. This is unfortunate and might seem odd but we do have the safety rules in place for a reason which we are fully prepared to explain in detail if you contact us about it.

You can build your weapons yourself or if you are a member of some group, you can ask your group leader about borrowing a weapon. If you do decide to construct your own weapons be sure to follow the safety requirements for weapon imitations, that can be found in the game rules here - it is VERY important that you read them carefully BEFORE you start building your weapon. If this is your first game we strongly recommend that you build just a simple sword, instructions for that can be found here (once again untranslated - sorry).

If you build your own weapons, we recommend you make 2 or 3 of them and also bring along some spare materials (padding, tape or latex) and tools, for on-the-spot changes or repairs. Weapons break - this is inevitable - sometimes you can repair them, sometimes you have to get a new one. Be prepared for that.


5. Familiarize yourself with the game rules and house rules

Read through the game rules, found here. This is a mandatory point, you can not participate on the larp without knowing those rules. Focus most on combat and combat safety rules. Rule breakers (even unwitting ones) may be removed from the game.

Also familiarize yourself with the general house rules that are in place on the whole territory and can be found here. House rules apply to everyone and always even if the game hasn't started yet or has been stopped. Violators will be expelled from the festival grounds all together.


6. Show up for the event

Think about how you can get from where you live to where the event takes place (and back again).  The event location and directions to get there can be found here. If you plan your transportation, consider all the equipment you will have to take with you, equipment like weapons, costume, sleeping bag, tent etc. All of this can take up a considerable amount of space and be quite heavy.

Information about the conditions on the game location and recommendations for packing, can be found here.

Once you have made all your plans, all there's left to do is show up on time. Check-in times will be in the event timetable, that can be found here. Please, do not be late!

If you are less than 16 years old!

You will need a written and signed parental agreement to come to the event on your own. The form for the parental agreement can be found here.