The out-of-game life at Nordic Equinox will be rustic in every aspect, prepare as preparing for a camping trip.



The organizers unfortunately do not provide lodgings for players. Sleeping will be organized in either a unguarded (out of game) tent camp or in-game player camps (authentic gear required). Be sure to bring a sleeping bag, a mattress and a tent.

Out of game tent camp.
Camping in the out-of-game zone



The organizers do not provide food for players nor can food be purchased on location. You should bring all you need to survive with you. Drinking (and cooking) water will be readily available, all player camps do have a fire pit and there is a public one as well. You should either bring your own cookware or coordinate with the player camp you are in.

If you are looking for recommendations on food, we would suggest the following per day for a grown man: 1 large can of canned food, 2 small cans of canned food, plenty of crackers/dried bread, non-spoiling meat like jerky or salami,  some sweets or dried fruit, tea or instant coffee with small amount of sugar, (optionally a can of instant noodles or mashed potatoes). The canned food should be edible "as is" so that you do not need to heat it if you have no time/chance (do not forget a can opener and eating utensils!). Alternatively any standard military rations will do - one per day.

But you are free to bring whatever you'd like. Please bear in mind that since there is no well at Kassinurme, the water will be limited to drinking and cooking only! No washing dishes with it!

The nearest stores are 6-7km (one hour of brisk walk or 15min by car) away at Jõgeva. The food/general stores in Estonia are open even on weekends and as late as 22:00. Selection is good regardless of your dietary requirements and pricing is at par with neighboring countries. You can buy all you need locally.



Unfortunately there is no Sauna, no showers and no well at Kassinurme. There will be possibilities to wash hands and feet in a small pond, but that's about it. However there is a small lake with a very nice beach about 5-10km away. Many players make use of that. You can find directions here.

Dishes can be washed in the pond but without washing liquids!


To recap - be sure to bring:

  • Your ticket for the event
  • A sleeping bag
  • A sleeping mattress
  • A tent (or a place in a friends tent)
  • Food for four days + cooking/eating utensils.
  • Clothes for hot weather
  • Clothes for wet weather
  • Filled parental agreement form if you are less than 16 years old