Thank you!


A big "Thank you!" to everybody who attended the eleventh "Nordic Equinox". We hope you had just as much fun playing as we had organizing it for you.

See you next year - on Nordic Equinox 2017!

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The preparations for Nordic Equinox 2017, are already on the way, if you or your friends are interested in joining the organizing team, please let us know: info-at-ancalagon-dot-ee. We can promise many sleepless nights and plenty of stress but also a lot of laughs, good times and fun company. The main organizing team is extremely dedicated and capable so you will learn a lot about how to organize mass events or larps. The back-story and setup of NE is constantly evolving and everyone's input is valued so this is also your chance to make your mark on the biggest larp event in Estonia.

(If you attend as a volunteer, we will make all the arrangements for your stay, including food, transportation, sleeping place, chance to wash or bathe during the event, etc.)

For the next year we desperately need (even) more NPC characters as well! Let us know if you would like to get (an awesome) character from us.


The event itself will take place on 10. 11. 12. 13. of August 2017


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