Nordic Equinox will start




Nordic Equinox will be held on

11th - 14th of August, 2016

at "Kassinurme" ancienta park near Jõgeva, in Estonia



The story so far:

The Dark tides have washed over the earth! In a world where only the barve and the ruthless survive, we call upon you our bretheren, come join us, the disciples of Darkness! Let us cast our shadow onto the world once more, making it tremble in our footsteps.

Darkness prevails!

I welcome thee great adventurer, brave warrior and thee, maker of songs and stories. Great deeds shall be done, when once more summer wanes to autumn and swords in the Northern skies flash.





Registration closed

Registration is closed for this year. All transfers to Ancalagon bank account have been checked. Please do not transfer any more funds for there is no way for us to verify your transfer.


Tickets at the gate

If you have not registered nor bought a ticket, you can still come. We sell tickets at the gate. A player ticket costs 15.- EUR. From Saturday morning the ticket will be 10.- (Payments in cash only.)


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