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Nordic Equinox will be held on

10th - 13th of August, 2017

at "Kassinurme" ancienta park near Jõgeva, in Estonia



The story so far:

The Light as a beacon of hope has stood for all things under the suns of the multiverse! Your strength of arms has provided the world a year full of joy and laughter. Come forth again, those sworn to The Light and do battle anew! Show once more that under the darkness, none shall prevail.

The Light illumine us!

I welcome thee great adventurer, brave warrior and thee, maker of songs and stories. Great deeds shall be done, when once more summer wanes to autumn and swords in the Northern skies flash.

Call for helping hands

Nordic Equinox 2017 needs volunteers and NPC players.

If you or your friends are interested in joining the organizing team, please let us know: info-at-ancalagon-dot-ee.

For NPC's we can promise fun times, playing different roles, throughout the event. Roles that will impact the general story and even have an effect on outcome of the battles.

For volunteers, we can promise sleepless nights and plenty of stress but also a lot of laughs, good times and fun company. The main organizing team is extremely dedicated and capable so you will learn a lot about how to organize mass events or larps. The back-story and setup of NE is constantly evolving and everyone's input is valued so this is also your chance to make your mark on the biggest larp event in Estonia.

You can register as a NPC or a volunteer until the end of July!


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