Player registration

To register a group, please click -here-.

You do not have to register to attend the event. You can just buy a ticket from our website here and show up for the event.

If you are under 16 years old, you must bring a filled parental agreement form with you. The form can be obtained here. The parental agreement is not necessary if you attend together with your parent.


However if you wish to play a specific character or character class other than a warrior/commoner you have to fill in the registration form as well.

If you do, we assume that you will be interested in participating in the role-playing or story-line part of the game as well and not just combat or general roaming/adventuring. We will try to involve your character in some stories so first of all, please take a moment and give us a bit more than just a name.

A good way to start is to talk about his/her/its goals and motivations in coming to the Nordic Equinox. What does he hope to achieve, personally? Add as many details as you feel necessary but please bear in mind that we might insist on restrictions or modifications for things that might affect other players or game-play in general. Be as fantastic as you like but try to remain within the rules system for your skills and abilities.

Secondly, be ready to play and interact if others (players or NPC) approach you with in-game requests. They may well be a part of the story we intended for you to be involved in.