General conditions

Each contest will be announced by a sound signal (a drum roll). Everyone who wishes to take part must immediately answer the call to arms and gather into the central White Zone. The contest briefing starts within 15 minutes of the drum roll.

The beginning and end of each contest will be announced with a specific sound signal. The signals are demonstrated to players on briefing. After a contest has started no contestant may enter a player camp nor can any contest object or host flag carried into a camp. All white zones will become red for the duration of a contest. Players not taking part in contests are only safe from contestants inside player camps or in blue zones.

Both hosts have a banner. If the host’s banner is in the hands of the enemy, by the end of the contest, the host wont get any points for that contest (even if they win it).

Host’s banner must be with the host at all times and it can not be hidden or put away.

Winning a contest, will award 125 points to the host and all its groups. Bonus points may be awarded according to the contest.

Mercenaries may gain victory points for winning a contest if they start it as a third host (possible in some cases). Mercenaries must add all of the victory points they have gathered to one host at the end of the event. The choice is made at the end ritual, they will choose freely and without interference from Game Masters.

The winning host will be announced during the end ritual.


(for examples of possible contests, go to the contest archive)