Creating a background for your character

Origins and beliefs

Your character is one of the chosen ones. Whether he/she is a skilled diplomat, mighty warrior, wondrous musician or a great craftsman – he/she has been summoned. And it is considered a great honor by him.

You character can be from any world, any place (fantasy, sci-fi or real-life), and any period of time. You can have any gods and religions and even have your own creational mythology. (After all who knows exactly how the world came to be.).


Facts of life

There are some things you must consider though. There are things in the world of Nordic Equinox what’s existence is so obvious that to doubt or question it would be plain stupidity.

The land of Nordic Equinox – The land of Nordic Equinox is a pseudo-medieval world. It has all the characteristics of a medieval society but supports also magic. There can be magical races etc. Please consider this when creating your character. While your character can be from “the future” or even an alien – he/she/it must disguise himself as a medieval person.

Please be considerate of other players, for their characters might come from a completely different background setting than yours. Don’t expect everyone to know what your character is or even to like/hate him/her/it. Try to avoid known historic or legendary characters – while not forbidden, the other players my shun you, or make unwanted assumptions (and there CAN be two of you if someone else also chooses this personage – consider this a parallel universe or just a strange and mysterious thing).

Also as stated before – ONLY those special abilities apply that are granted to your character by Ancalagon. There are NO exceptions to this rule. All abilities your character might have in his background world, will be reduced to mere human equivalents in this realm (what you actually can do, that can your character do).

By far the easiest and most encouraged approach is to play a medieval character from your own area.


The abstract forces of Light and Darkness (The Forces) – they are not allowed to manifest themselves physically in this battlefield but can use dreams or body-less avatars to communicate with your character. The forces can only communicate with your character if he/she has allied himself/herself with the respective force. Such communication is perceived as a great honor or a sign of distress.

Ancalagon the dragon – he is the master of this realm. He can shape it in any way he chooses, all your characters abilities and skills are granted by him. He can either manifest himself physically (witch has never happened yet) or use an avatar to communicate with the characters in game.

Disciple of the Dragon.
Ancalagon's Disciple

Disciples of the Dragon – they are the mortal minions of Ancalagon, keepers of Nordic Equinox. Their duty is to see to the needs of all participants. It is impossible to harm or hinder a Disciple in any way. They represent the wishes of Ancalagon and hence they have to be obeyed by all.

Valhalla – Valhalla is the hall of the dead. If your character dies for some reason, You go there. It is a designated place in the game area and players are shown where it is.

While in Valhalla, remember that all battle-slain are brothers, there are no enmities in this place of afterlife. There are no sides there, there is one hall for everyone. So rejoice with the others or have a quiet rest. Your injuries will be seen to and be sure to drink plenty (of water of course ;-) ) while there. You can stay in character if You like to, but don’t have to.

From Valhalla your character can either depart to his/her homeland (You go to the OOG camping area and have a nice quiet camping weekend for the rest of the event) or return back to the battlefield. You can return to the game only when Odin or the Disciple who governs it allows you.

So even if you are a “hard core” roleplayer, you can bring your character to Nordic Equinox without reservations, he will never die permanently while here – it is the magic of this realm, a part of it. And he can always return back to his natural setting.