Zones is one of the steps we take to realize our vision of a vivid and exciting game for all kinds of players. Zones are new and fun way to bring some randomness into the game, promote roleplaying and hopefully add possibilities for all included. This year there will be three different types of zones on the game area:

1. Out of game zone ("blue zone") - roleplaying is not prioritized nor can there be any unconsensual fighting. This zone will encompass the camp site(s) and immediate area around toilets. Note that using those areas to escape combat is prohibited. If you enter a out-of-game zone while engaged in combat you have 30 seconds to exit again or you are considered dead/captured/wounded - whatever the opponent decides. Out of game zones will be loosely marked with red and white plastic tape.

2. Warded zone ("white zone") - this is a roleplaying zone, as a rule you should stay in character while you are in this zone, if you do not, you must make sure that you do not disturb people who are clearly roleplaying. There can be no unconsensual fighting however in this zone and NPC's never attack you there. Also this zone CAN be used to escape combat. However be advised - DURING CONTESTS ALL WARDED ZONES BECOME WILD - then only safety lies within a player camp. Warded zones will encompass most of the "common" areas in game, like the tavern and its surroundings, hillfort, smithy, road from camp to tavern etc. There is an exception that is the Sacred Grove which is also a warded zone but it is an "island", meaning roads to and from there are not warded.

3. Wild zone ("red zone") - this is exclusively a roleplaying zone and you MUST stay in character while you are in this zone. There can (and most likely will) be unconsensual combat there and anyone there can be attacked by NPC's or other players. If you die in a wild zone, you must return to the Tavern and wait there for one hour before you can enter the game again. Wild zones encompass all roads, forests and fields of the game area that are not out-of-game or warded zones.

Wild/Warded zone marker is the same, a piece of plywood or cardboard painted white on one side and red on other side. During night-time the markers may have illumination added to them. Approaching from the red side means you will be ENTERING a wild zone, approaching from the white side means you will be ENTERING a warded zone. Players are prohibited to move change those markers in any way. While best effort has been made to provide enough markers everywhere, we will not be marking every single tree in a treeline so use common sense and caution when passing through forests instead of using roads, you might inadvertently cross over into another zone. Always best is to study the zone map beforehand.


Below is a link to the map of game area withe the zones marked out (Red=Wild, White=Warded, Blue=Out of game):

Or an in-game map if you prefer (white=warded, blue=out of game, all the rest is wild)

Zone map in-game


IMPORTANT! All combatantas that are engaged in an official scenario can ignore Warded zones and fight there as well, with anyone they choose. This does not apply to out-of-game zones and it only applies during a scenario.