Several of the larger groups have a fixed camp on the in-game area.

The gate of Immensely Illuminated Brotherhood camp.
Entrance to a player camp

If you wish to try the same then first of all we STRONGLY suggest you contact one of the larger groups with a camp (or us if you don't know them) and arrange your stay there. That is by far the easiest way. If you do not reach an agreement you can go to Freetown. Freetown is a in-game camp as well but it has no leadership so no-one will deny you entry - however you can not choose your camp neighbors either.

If you wish for a camp all for your own, it is indeed possible, there are however conditions you must follow. The rules can be roughly classed in three categories, critical rule, mandatory rule, suggestion.

First of all your group has to be 30 players or more (registered and tickets bought) to be considered for a special camping site. Also we have the right to refuse your request without further arguments or explanations if we feel so.

Critical rules are absolute must! Failure to comply with these will mean that you will have to move your camp immediately and with no further arguments to the out-of-game zone.

Mandatory rules are to be followed at all times. If you fail to do so, game masters will point the shortcomings out to you. If you repeatedly ignore or do not improve your demeanor, your camp will again be deported.

Suggestions are our way to let you know how we feel about your activities, if you can, please heed them, but if you have pressing reasons not to, then so be it.


Critical rules:


Mandatory rules:





Build teams

If you would want to arrive early to set up your in-game camp, you can do so at no extra cost. But you must coordinate that with us. The build team size has to be kept reasonable (up to 5 people usually), you must bring your own food and water, your movements are limited between the parking lot and easiest route to your camping site. You can not wander, use any of the infrastructure (i.e. no sleeping in the castle etc.) or scout the area.

Once your camp is set up, you should remain there, or in the out-of-game area, until the game starts.

Vishna-Ghrim camp build in progress.
Player camp build in progress

All your preparations must be completed an hour before the official check in starts. Since there will be no possibility to check-in (verify your tickets, etc.) before we start - everyone who is not a member of the organizing team must clear out from the game area an hour before check in!