Before we start:

  • There will be up to 15 artifacts, distributed around the game area.
  • The hosts start from their respawn areas, on the opposite sides of the game area.

The goal:

  • To gather up as many artifacts as possible.

Bonus points:

  • None.


  • Artifacts can be operated or removed from their spawn locations only by characters of the Wizard class (artifact is inside a magic circle).
  • Inactive artifact will be red and can not be moved. To activate an artifact a Wizard must turn it upside-down and back and set it back down inside the circle. An artifact that is activating is yellow and can not be moved. Approximately after 10 minutes after activation, the artifact will turn green and can be moved out of the circle.
  • If the artifact is green and is not in a magic circle (any more), anyone can carry it.
  • To score, the artifact must be transported to the host starting location during the contest.
  • As long as the artifact has not reached the starting location of a host, it can be looted.
  • Both hosts spawn every 15 minutes from their respawn areas.

The action:

  • Free.


  • Capture more artifacts (score points) than the enemy.


  • 60 minutes.