Road Rush

Before we start:

  • In the middle of a wider road or narrow field is a GM or a REF.
  • On both sides of him, at equal distances is a border mark.
  • Behind the border mark is the respawn point of a host that includes the host flag. Capturing the host flag is not possible during this scenario.

The goal:

  • To transport the GM over the border mark of the enemy.

Bonus points:

  • None.


  • The GM in the middle of the road can be moved by touching him and asking him to come with you. The GM will follow the player at a slow walking pace, while the player is alive and touching him.
  • The GM moves only on the road.
  • Both hosts have unlimited respawns.

The action:

  • Free.


  • Your host wins, as soon as the GM passes the opposing hosts border mark.


  • Until one host wins.
(The basic concept of this scenario is credited to Sotahuuto RY, Finland.)