Treasure Chest

Before we start:

  • The host who’s task it will be to transport the treasure chest will be chosen by flipping a coin.
  • Alternatively mercenaries may have the treasure chest and both hosts will try to capture it from them.
  • The treasure chest will be highly visible and readily recognizable.

The goal:

  • The initial owners of the chest must transport it to a designated area via a route that may or may not be predefined (according to GM's ruling before the scenario).
  • The attacker(s) (the other host(s)) will have to hinder them and by chance, capture the treasure chest and bring it to their starting point

Bonus points:

  • 20 bonus points if the hosts flag-bearer stays with the chest till the end of the scenario.
  • If the chest is captured the new bearers get the same bonus if they have a host flag (either theirs or opponents) with them and that flag remains with the chest till the end of the scenario.


  • The treasure chest may not be opened before the end of the scenario.
  • The treasure chest's appearance may not be covered or modified.

The action:

  • Free.


  • If the initial owners of the chest manage to transport it safely to the endpoint, they win.
  • If (one of) the attackers manage(s) to bring the treasure chest to their starting point, they win.


  • 60 minutes or until one host wins.