Death Match

Before we start:

  • There will be four, marked respawn areas.
  • Each player will be given a necklace.

The goal:

  • To kill more characters in a given time and gather their necklaces.

Bonus points:

  • None.


  • There are no hosts in this scenario. Each player is out for himself.
  • Players must wear their necklaces at all times (except when they are moving to a respawn area).
  • After dying the player must remain on the spot where he died for at least 15 minutes - if during that time, no one has claimed his necklace, he must go to the nearest respawn area and can re-enter the game immediately.
  • When a character is permanently killed (counted to 10), he must surrender his necklace to the killer. After that he will immediately go to the nearest respawn area, get a new necklace (there will be a GM or REF there who will distribute necklaces) and re-enter the game immediately.
  • Players moving to respawn areas, must hold their hand on the head and move in as direct line as possible. Any contact with other players (even dead ones) must be avoided and ignored.
  • There can be no looting (aside of the necklaces) during this scenario.
  • You can loot only one necklace - if you kill an opponent, you can only take his necklace, all the necklaces of fallen enemies, he might be carrying are permanently his.
  • Gathered necklaces must be carried with you and turned in by the end of the scenario.
  • Spawn hogging (lurking next to a respawn area, with the intent of killing characters as they exit or preventing them from exiting) will be actively discouraged by GM's and REF's - expect rulings that will be completely unfair towards you. To be on the safe side, set your ambushes up, at least 100m from the respawn area.

The action:

  • All players are divided into four groups by the GM's (no complaints about the division will be accepted). The groups will be sent to different respawn areas.
  • Players will enter the game from the respawn areas, with a 30 second delay. The order is chosen by the GM's (no complaints will be accepted) - once again, spawn hogging will be discouraged, so it is best to get clear of the respawn area, before the next player enters the game.


  • The player that gathers most necklaces, will win the scenario and is declared "The Slayer".
  • The hosts will get no points for this scenario.


  • 60 minutes.