Capture The Flag

Before we start:

  • There are two marked ares, on the opposite sides of the game area. One for each team. Inside each of this area is a special flag.
  • There are two respawn areas, one for each team (near the team's flag area).
  • Both hosts will supply 1-3 REF's for this scenario, if needed.

The goal:

  • To capture the enemy flag and bring it to your own flag area.
  • Prevent the enemy from capturing your flag and/or return it to your area.

Bonus points:

  • 10 victory points each time the hosts flag-bearer captures and retrieves an enemy flag while carrying a host flag (either his or the opponents).


  • A flag is considered captured when you have physically removed it from opponents flag area and brought it to your flag area (touching the flag area with the flag suffices). Your flag has to be present at the time. So basically if you can bring both flags to your flag area, you score.
  • While a flag is being carried, there will be no flag in the area of the host who's flag has been taken. The host can still take the enemies flag though - but not score until they have recovered their own.
  • Once a flag has been effectively captured - it will be replaced by a new one after 2 minutes have passed. The new flag can be captured as soon as it spawns. (This information is relayed instantly, using radios.)
  • A flag can be re-taken and returned any time, while the enemy has not effectively captured it.
  • When a flag is not in a flag area, it has to be carried by someone. All flags have to be upright and visible while being carried. Hiding of flags is prohibited.
  • Players can not remove their own flag from their flag area.

The action:

  • All characters killed, during this scenario will move to their respawn area. From there they have to return to their flag area, form where they can re-enter the game.
  • Both flag areas have a GM who will keep score and replace captured flags.
  • When a flag is taken a GM or REF accompanies it, to ensure that all rules are being followed.
  • All GM's and REF's will use radios, to communicate the current state of game.
  • The information about which flag is currently taken (or on which flag area), is freely available for any player who asks.


  • The host that scores (effectively captures the enemy flag) 3 times wins.
  • If no one manages that, the host who has captured the enemy flag more times, wins.
  • If the flag-score is a draw, the host that has killed more opponents wins.


  • 60 minutes or until one host wins.