Before we start:

  • Both hosts choose a Juggernaut, who is marked with a special tabard or ribbon and given a special weapon (an oversized club, mallet, or a polearm).
  • Both hosts choose two saboteurs, who are marked with a special tabard or ribbon.
  • Both hosts will be given two control points. The locations will be specified on host briefing.

The goal:

  • To kill more enemies and avoid the enemy Juggernaut.
  • Prevent the control points from running out of time.

Bonus points:

  • 25 points if the winning host has more than 10 minutes left on both of the control timers.



  • Juggernauts can not fight or hinder each other.
  • Juggernauts are invincible and invulnerable except to saboteurs.
  • Juggernauts can only use the weapons given to them by the GM's.
  • Juggernauts can only attack members of the opposing host.
  • Juggernauts weapon is considered a "big stone" (when struck - hit points will be reduced to zero regardless of armor; when blocked with a shield - the blocker is unconscious for 5 minutes; when blocked with a weapon - the blocker can decide either to throw away his weapon as far as he can or be unconscious for 5 minutes).
  • Saboteurs have 1 hit point, can have no armor and only use one one-handed weapon but they are invulnerable to Juggernauts.
  • Saboteur can disable a Juggernaut for 1 minute, by hitting it with his weapon.
    The Juggernaut will remain disabled even after that time if a saboteur is touching it with his weapon. Once 1 minute is up, the Juggernaut will reactivate as soon as saboteurs weapon is removed.
  • Both hosts respawn every 15 minutes at their starting point.

          Control points

  • In every control point a timer is started at the start of the contest. The timer duration is 15 minutes.
  • If the timer reaches zero, the control point is "dead".
  • If both control points of one host die, the contest is over and the opposing team is declared winner.
  • Control timer stops if there is at least one alive contest participant (regardless of host) within its vicinity.
  • Control timer starts again (from where it stopped) as soon as there is no one near it.
  • Control timers can not be stopped by Juggernauts or Saboteurs.

The action:

  • Both hosts start at the same time from different sides of the game area.


  • The host that manages to kill more enemies, wins the scenario.
  • If both control points of a host "die", the opponents win the contest.


  • 60 minutes.