Before we start:

  • Both hosts will provide 2 temporary REF's for this scenario (if needed).
  • There are two marked ares, called "fortresses" on the opposite sides of the game are. One for each team. There is a relic inside the fortress.
  • There are two respawn areas, one for each team (near the team's fortress).
  • There is one central area, called "the crossing", in the middle of the game area (between fortresses), with a switchable relic (two flags, one white, one black) inside it.
  • There are two bonus areas away from the crossing and from fortresses. One bonus area is called "the armory" and the another is called "the well of life". Both also have switchable relics inside it.
  • Both fortress relics will be inaccessible for the opposing team in the beginning of the scenario.
  • The crossing relic and both bonus relics will be unoccupied in the beginning of the scenario and can be claimed by the first host who gets there.

The goal:

  • Destroy the relic of the opposing host.

Bonus points:

  • 30 victory points if the hosts flag-bearer is the one to destroy the enemy relic (carrying either his or the opponents host flag).


  • The fortress relic can be destroyed, by holding a weapon against it and counting slowly and loudly to 50. If the count is interrupted or the weapon removed, the count has to be started from the beginning again.
  • Only the host that controls the crossing (central area) relic, can attack the opposing team's fortress relic.
  • If the crossing relic is held by neither, neither can harm the opposing teams fortress relic.
  • The host that controls the armory relic, respawns with full armor points restored.
  • The host that controls the well of life relic, respawns with no delay (the moment a player reaches the respawn area, he can enter the game again).
  • The control of the central and bonus relics can be switched if the team trying to switch them, manages to hold a weapon against the respective relic and count slowly and loudly to 25.
  • There is no unconscious phase during this scenario, if your hit points have been reduced to zero then go to your respawn area immediately.

The action:

  • All characters killed, during this scenario will move to their respawn area. From the respawn area they emerge back into the game at every 15 minutes (with their full hit points but no armor points).
  • Both fortresses have a GM who will enable/disable the fortress relics to the opposing team, according to who is holding the crossing (the info is relayed immediately using radios).
  • The central relic and both bonus relics have a GM/REF nearby, who will switch the relic if needed and notify all other areas about the current (control) status of those areas.
  • The information about which switchable relic is held by whom and whether a fortress relic is under attack, is freely available for any player who asks.


  • The host that destroys the enemies fortress relic wins.


  • 90 minutes.