Before we start:

  • A "control area" is designated and shown to both hosts
  • The hosts will both gather to separate Out Of Game areas. Two sets of "delay timers" will be drawn for the hosts from a pool of delays ranging from 0 to 50 minutes. The hosts will not be notified what the exact delays for them or opponents are.
  • Hosts arrange themselves in groups of 5 people and choose the order in which those groups enter the game. The hosts flag-bearer must be within the first group and enter with the hosts flag.

The goal:

  • To gather more points than the opponent by controlling the designated area.
  • 1 point for every 2 minutes a host can control the designated area.
  • The host will gain 1 point every 1.5 minutes if they use a host flag (either theirs or their opponents) to control the area.

Bonus points:

  • If the host uses both flags (theirs AND opponents) to control the area, they will gain a victory point every 1.5 minutes.


  • When the scenario starts, the 5 man groups will be let in game, according to their delays
  • The area is considered controlled, when there are no alive enemy troops and at least one alive friendly trooper inside it.
  • If one side is completely destroyed the scenario will end and the survivors will be awarded all the points for the remaining time, including victory points.
  • The fighters who are dead must return to their start location.
  • After each fighter has entered the battle (but there is still time left) the dead can start re-entering in 5 man groups according to the timer until the "second rotation" has been completed and so on.

The action:

  • Free.
  • Stalking near the enemy reinforcements entry point will be STRONGLY discouraged by Game Masters and/or REF's.


  • The host that has gathered more points by controlling the designated area, by the end of the scenario, wins.


  • 60 minutes.