The Runners

Before we start:

  • Both hosts designate two runners.

The goal:

  • The goal for the runners is to transfer messages (a marked paper) from their hosts point A to point B.
  • The host must defend them and hinder or kill enemy runners and take away their messages.

Bonus points:

  • Every message successfully transferred to the endpoint will give 2 bonus point to the host.
  • Every intercepted enemy message, successfully transferred to the endpoint will give 10 bonus points to the host.


  • If the runner is also a flag-bearer (carrying his or opponents host flag) he may take 3 messages at a time, none of which can be taken if he is killed.
  • The runners may not wear armor or use weapons or shields during this scenario.
  • The hosts messages can be carried only by the runner who took them from point A.
  • Enemy messages must be carried by the player who killed the messenger. He can not change armor and/or weaponry after taking the message.
  • Dead messenger will immediately return to his hosts point A and take a new message.
  • If a carrier or a messenger at least touches the endpoint, the message is considered delivered.
  • If a carrier (someone who killed a messenger and took the message) is killed, he will destroy the message and there will be no points for that message (you can not recapture lost messages, only prevent them from reaching the enemies headquarters).

The action:

  • The runners will continue transferring messages from point A to point B during the whole scenario, regardless of other actions.


  • The host that has brought the most messages (his and enemies combined) in their end point, wins the scenario.


  • 60 minutes.