Bridge Push

Before we start:

  • The scenario takes place on a more or less even field, where there are constructed up to three „bridges” – three up to 30 meter long and 80cm wide tracks, which are parallel to each other.
  • Each bridge is divided and visibly marked into 3 sections.
  • The starting point and marked territory of both hosts will be about 50 meters from either ends of the bridges (the area is marked about 5x5 meters).
  • Both hosts start in or behind their starting point.
  • Host flags are placed behind the host on the edge of combat area, capturing the flags is not allowed during this scenario.

The goal:

  • Main goal - To control the starting point of the enemy host for at least 2 minutes.
  • Alternative goal - To control at least 2/3 of at least 2 bridges for more than 5 minutes.

Bonus points:

  • None.


  • The enemy starting point is considered controlled, when there are no enemy troops inside it but at least one friendly trooper is.
  • The game area is limited and only the three bridges can be used to move to the opponents starting point.

The action:

  • When fighting on the bridge, everybody must see that they don't „fall off” i.e. step off or over the marked bridge. The ones who have fallen off, must move immediately to their starting point, using the area between the bridges and not disturbing the other fighters. From there they can at once re-emerge into the game.
  • Falling of a bridge doesn’t remove hit or armor points.
  • You can not fight someone who fell off and he can not fight you.
  • Three rounds will be played.


  • The host that manages to control the enemies area for 2 minutes, wins a round. Alternatively the host that manages to control at least 2/3 of at least 2 bridges for 5 minutes, wins a round.
  • Three rounds will be played, the host that wins two of them, wins.


  • 60 minutes or until 3 rounds have passed.