Field Battles

Before we start:

  • In the center of a open field a totem is placed (alternatively it can be a Dragon Disciple). Both hosts line up at equal distances to the totem.
  • Host flags are placed behind the host on the edge of combat area, capturing the flags is not allowed during this scenario.

The goal:

  • To kill all opponents or control the totem by the end of the round.

Bonus points:

  • None.


  • Leaving the area of combat during this scenario is not allowed.
  • The totem is considered controlled when at least one, alive, player from the host is touching it and there are no enemy players touching the totem.

The action:

  • 3-5 rounds will be played (depending on how much time we have).
  • The duration of a round is 10 minutes or when all the players of one host are dead.
  • The host that kills all opponents in less than 10 minutes, wins the round.
  • If neither host can kill the other one in less than 10 minutes, the host who controls the totem by the end of that time, wins the round.
  • After every round the sides on the field are switched.
  • Before each round there is a 10 minute break for regrouping and changing plans.


  • The host that wins the most rounds, wins the scenario.


  • 60 minutes or until 5 rounds have been played.