Tactical game

Before we start:

  • There are 5-10 marked areas in the woods and two respawn areas. Both hosts supply a given number of referees (REF’s) for this scenario, about 3-4. Both hosts start at their respawn area.

The goal:

  • Gather as much points as possible, in a given time, by holding one or more marked areas on the game territory
  • 1 point for every 2 minutes, the host can control a marked area.
  • If the hosts flag-bearer is holding an area (using his or opponents flag) the host will gain points for that area at twice the normal speed (1 point per minute).

Bonus points:

  • 10 bonus points for each marked area that the host has claimed first, never lost nor abandoned (i.e. controlled from the start till the end of scenario)


  • The area is considered controlled when there are no enemy troops and at least one friendly trooper inside it.
  • The points are awarded only for full 2 minutes.
  • There is no unconscious phase during this scenario, if your hit points have been reduced to zero then go to your respawn area immediately.

The action:

  • All characters killed, during this scenario will move to their respawn area. From the respawn area they emerge back into the game at every 15 minutes (with their full hit points and armor).


  • The side that has gained most points (controlled the most areas for the longest time) wins.


  • 90 minutes.