Before we start:

  • In an open area and relatively close to one another are 5 control areas where a GM/REF will stand. Both hosts start et their respawn area.
  • The host flag will be placed inside the host respawn area. Capturing host flags is not allowed during this contest.

The goal:

  • Gather as many points as possible in a given time, by holding one or more control areas.
  • 1 point for every minute, the host controls an area.

Bonus points:

  • None


  • The area is considered controlled when there are no enemy troops and at least one friendly trooper touching the GM/REF.
  • The points are awarded only for full minutes.
  • There is no unconscious phase during this scenario, if your hit points have been reduced to zero then go to your respawn area immediately.

The action:

  • All characters killed, during this scenario will move to their respawn area.
  • A player can emerge back into the game immediately as soon as they have touched their host flag.
  • All control areas will have a GM or REF who will observe and record points.


  • The side that has gained most points (controlled the most areas for the longest time) wins.


  • 45 minutes